19 licences awarded in the Norwegian licensing round

APA 2020 licence awards

19 licences awarded in the Norwegian licensing round

19 January 2021

Lundin Energy AB announces that its wholly owned subsidiary Lundin Energy Norway AS (together Lundin Energy), has been awarded a total of 19 exploration licence interests in the 2020 Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) licensing round, in Norway.

The award includes 15 licences in the North Sea, two licences in the Norwegian Sea and two licences in the Southern Barents Sea, seven of the newly awarded licences will be operated by Lundin Energy Norway.

The awards from this licensing round continue to build on the Company’s seven core exploration areas and increases by 23 percent the number of licences held by the Company. Supporting the Company’s strategy to execute an exploration programme which targets a combination of high value, near field opportunities and high potential, frontier exploration.

 The licence interests are detailed below and maps of their location are provided in the link below.


LicencesBlockWorking InterestLicence Area
1089*1/5,650%North Sea
10872/2, 550%North Sea
1084*3/760%North Sea
10907/130%North Sea
1091*15/5,6,840%North Sea
1092*15/6,950%North Sea
109715/3, 24/11, 1230%North Sea
1095*16/2, 25/1150%North Sea
1094*17/2,3,5,6,8  18/760%North Sea
1045B125/415%North Sea
820SB125/840%North Sea
109925/3, 26/1, 30/12, 31/1030%North Sea
110430/340%North Sea
1102*30/3, 31/1,4,560%North Sea
110634/2,3,5,620%North Sea
11266609/5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 6610/2,4,5,6, 6611/4,530%Norwegian Sea
11296703/7,8,9,10,11,12, 6704/7,8,10,1130%Norwegian Sea
229G17122/8,950%Southern Barents Sea
11317122/8,9,10,11,12, 7123/7,8,920%Southern Barents Sea

*Operator Lundin Energy Norway

1 Geographical extension of the licence area.